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If You Can’t Drive In Bad Weather, Please Just Stay Home…

So, tonight my commute took twice as long as usual.  And why?  Were there torrential downpours?  Freezing rain?  White-out conditions?

Nope, there was just a steady slush falling from the sky (much more rain than snow) that was melting as soon as it touched anything.  The roads weren’t slick at all besides our side street, and is a steep brick road (which tend to get worse much faster than asphalt).  And apparently that was bad enough to have hundreds of people stuck on the highway going 30 MPH in a 55 that most treat as 65 on I-79.  It was ridiculous and frustrating.

And then I got stuck behind someone who thought the best solution was to go half the speed limit once we got off the highway.  Hoo-ray!

Look, if you can’t drive adequately in moderate weather, let alone some of the wintry conditions we get up north, then please go to your nearest DMV/BMV and turn in your license.  You’re just an accident waiting to happen.

If I had my way, I’d be revoking nearly half of all licenses today.  People need to be reminded that the right to operate a two-ton piece of machinery is a privilege, and not a right!

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