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Microsoft Songsmith: Good Intentions, Awful Execution

So, one of Microsoft's latest projects, Songsmith, has hit the wild, and let's say the reviews are less than spectacular.  The idea behind the product is that you sing a song that comes into your head, and it creates a basic music track to go along with that.  Sounds like a possibly useful tool, but then we see how it progresses from there.

From the get go, the advertising for the product is terrible.  However, on top of that, it produces terrible results.  For example, people have been taking vocal tracks from classic songs of all genres and feeding them into Songsmith, and getting results like these.  Talk about missing the boat…especially on Roxanne!

Seriously, it's like Microsoft Bob for Music, and that's an experience that will only produce a lot of geek jokes and wanting for something better.

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