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Already Widely Hated, A-Rod Tarnishes His “Legacy”

Whether you want to call him A-Rod, A-Fraud or, now, A-Roid, and whether you consider him “one of the greatest hitters to play the game” or “a worse team curse than the Babe and Billy Goat combined”, the perceptions of Alex Rodriguez forever changed this past weekend.  Even if you may have thought of him as a cheater before now, his testing positive for steroid use during the 2003 season (before MLB started their testing practices) has forever left a mark on the shortstop-turned-third-baseman.

Now, the test was done back then under a condition of anonymity, so it may be argued that the leak of A-Rod's name is unfair, especially when the other 103 that failed the test that year have not been released.  However, even it if is unfair, it is not unjust.  Had this information come to light in any other manner (i.e. the Roger Clemens method of squealing associates), it still would have exposed the “slugger” for the cheater he is.  He chose to cheat, and he's about to feel the wrath that results.

For now, we'll just reserve his place in the Baseball Hall of Fame's Cheating Bastards wing next to Bonds, Clemens, and I'm sure many more to follow.

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