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Things I'm Not Good At: Number 257: Blogging One Handed

Unfortunately, it's been a rough week when it comes to updating the ol' blog.  Baby Graem appears to have hit a growth spurt and is constantly eating, burping and soiling himself.  It's definitely been a handful.  Occasionally I've been able to sit at the computer with one hand free, but it's not exactly conducive to writing.  It's worth it all, but that doesn't mean it's easy!

In addition, Monday my brother and his fiancée successfully completed their trek from Phoenix to Pittsburgh, and we got together for a nice meal on Tuesday.  Nothing fancy, but it's nice to see them and have them around now, and blogging was far from my mind.

Eventually, though, I'll get a chance to get my thoughts together and into the blog for your enjoyment.  ;-D

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