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I Call It “Floating”

So, the last few weeks have been really long.  In addition to long nights with baby Graem (which, yes, are more than worth it for the occasional smiley faces), I've been coming down the home stretch with a major project at work which has had me working extra hours, both at work and at home.

Unfortunately, in this time of little rest and much to do, I have delved deeper into my bad habit I tend to refer to as “floating”; as in floating through my day through a rush of caffeine and sugar known as Mountain Dew.  Though, lately I have gotten into the additional bad habit of supplementing it with the occasional AMP.

And, while I know it's a bad habit, as well as bad for my health in the long run, I continue to fall back on “floating” in my times of stress, continuing to tell myself that I can kick my habit once my stress is over.  However, I almost always go back at some point.  I guess I'm addicted…

Does anyone have any suggestions for beating a pop addiction?  And please, don't suggest the diet stuff.  I can easily taste aspartame, and find it disgusting (and it usually gives me headaches).  I'd love to kick the habit for the benefit of my weight and overall health, and am curious to hear what others have done.

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