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Discovering Pittsburgh: Mineo’s Pizza

One of the great things about Pittsburgh is that it’s a true melting-pot of cultures, in large part thanks to the communities that had built up around the mills back in the day, and the influx of foreign students in the major universities today.  What that means is there are many non-chain options for food in almost every community, even in arenas such as pizza where the mega-chains dominate so many other regions.

One of the local pizza places that clearly rises above the rest is Mineo’s Pizza House, with two locations, one of which is thankfully within walking distance of my house!  Mineo’s offers up a hearty and tasty pizza, which can be a little pricey (around $17 for a large), but is well worth it.  They load you up with cheese and toppings, and we have never been disappointed.  And it goes further than you think.  A large should be able to feed 4 hungry adults, which is further than any large chain pizza will get you.

In addition to my high praise, Mineo’s has also won numerous local awards in their 50+ years in the ‘burgh.  And if you can’t make it to Pittsburgh, or our house for dinner, then you can always order a pizza from them to be FedEx-ed overnight so you can try it yourself.

If you’re a lover of pizza, then I highly recommend trying Mineo’s at least once (especially the pepperoni!).  You definately won’t be disappointed.

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