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What's The Point Of Laws If They're Not Enforced

One day a few weeks ago, I had the following experiences in my travels to and from work:

  • Watched a police car sitting at the front of a light across from me watch a crossing car run a light nearly 5 seconds after the light had changed, only to wave me on and ignore the blatant violator.
  • Travel with traffic on the interstate at 65 in a 55, only to be passed by a state trooper going 70+.
  • Nearly get cut off by a police car rolling through a stop sign in a residential neighborhood.  I had to slam my breaks to avoid a collision, and then the cop finally saw me and let me have the right of way.

These events just brought to a head one of the things I am regularly observing with increasing frequency: that we are a number of key laws that are simply not being enforced with any kind of consistency any more.  People are driving further and further over the speed limits, weaving in and out of traffic (usually without using any turn signals at all, a personal pet peeve of mine), and breaking laws right and left, even in the presence of law enforcement officers.

And look…I do understand that police officers can't be everywhere at all times.  And yes, there are times when more pressing matters require officers to overlook minor offenses.  However, it should be the responsibility of police officers to act when they see these clear offenses, and to uphold the letter of the law at all other times…especially when they are on duty!  I don't see that as being too much to ask as a loyal, upstanding, taxpaying citizen.  Do you?

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