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More Thoughts On Michael Jackson

Like many others, the passing of the King of Pop has caused me to once again delve into his music and remember just how good he was at what he did.  Despite all the personal craziness, no one reached the masses like Michael did, an no one may ever again.

One of Michael's true gifts as an artist was to take songs, whether he wrote them or not, and really own them.  Whether it was a love song, a message to the next generation, a story or self-aggrandizing, he was able to pour himself into the song and convince the public to buy it.  Whereas many pop acts have come since Michael's heyday, and many have had the talent and supporting music to make good music, but often end up with a manufactured feel.  However, Michael lived in the music, and almost always managed to come across as authentic.

Will there ever be another like Michael?  Probably not.  But at least we'll always have his music to remind us that “pop music” doesn't have to be a dirty word…

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