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NFL Draft Moving Again…Still No Good Reason Why

Just when you thought they couldn't mess it up again, let alone so soon, the NFL has announced that next year's draft will start on Thursday night in “prime time”, with the remainder to follow over the next two days.  This after pushing this past year's draft back to not start until Saturday evening, only covering two rounds on day one, and then rushing through the rest on Sunday.

While I realize that all sports are targeting the “prime time” slots (yes, more for the advertising dollars than viewership), they're also alienating their fans at the same time.  Sure, there are plenty of over-the-top die-hards that will still be watching, but I don't think I'll waste my time on a weeknight when there's a good chance my team trades out of the first round all together (like the Patriots did this past draft).

Yes, I'm getting older, spending more time working on the house and spending time with my family and less on football, but shouldn't the league be making it easier to follow these things, not more difficult.  The Saturday at noon draft start time that I always remember were always great because you could spend a lazy afternoon just watching the draft coverage.  And then you'd know the key draftees before going out to dinner, a movie or whatever that evening.  Now they want to dominate my Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday?  No thanks!  I'll just find something better to do and then check it on the internet before I go to bed…assuming it's over by then!

Sorry you had to make this decision, NFL.  The logic behind it is nearly as flawed as the BCS.

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