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Vick's Back: Will It Matter?

So, Michael Vick is officially back in the NFL after signing with the Eagles today, but the question is whether or not it means anything?  The former starter now will likely start at #3 on the Eagles depth chart behind the always-primed-to-be-impeached starter McNabb and AJ Feeley.  He could be used to bring the “wildcat” element to Philly, but that really doesn't feel like their style.  And let's face it, the guy isn't the greatest passer anyway, having peaked in the NFL at a 56.4 completion percentage (with the majority of those to Alge Crumpler anyway).  He's most dangerous on the ground, but does he have the same acceleration and speed after being out of the league for two years?

And even all those questions are secondary to the question that is most central to his signing: Are the fans ready to forgive Vick?  After all, what he did was unconscionable to most Americans.  However, he served his 23-month term.  Then again, how many felons can leave prison and walk into a $1.6 million job?

In addition, we are also in the wake of Donte Stallworth's 24-day sentence for manslaughter following his hitting and killing a 59-year-old man in Florida while driving drunk.  So, many people are comparing the two and wondering if justice really has been been served in the two cases.  Regardless, I'm sure that Vick is glad to not have the full glow of the limelight on him.

So, Vick is back, and who knows if he'll even see the field this year, but I'm sure he's glad to be moving on with his life…

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