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BCS Chickens Out: Pits Party Crashers Against Each Other

So, you're a non-BCS school that busts it's ass all year to prove you belong, and what happens when you do get an invite?  That's right, they pit you against the other party crasher so you can't have the chance to prove that you can compete and beat the big boys!

In what can only be labeled as cowardice, no matter how they spin it, the BCS has rejected these teams with their brand of “acceptance”.  In a year where any two of the five remaining undefeated teams have a legitimate claim to the game (Texas and Alabama only get the nods here because they won in conferences which were two of the best the last few years, something that cannot be definitively said of the Big 12 and SEC this year as both had down years in terms of overall performance), that these two were simply shrugged off is ludicrous.

However, with the possibility of there being three legitimate undefeated teams come the end of the season (we're guaranteed two right now), calling any of them a definitive champion is impossible in the current system.  Proving once again that the BCS is crap, and that a playoff is necessary if NCAA football is to remain credible.  Sure, they may get by with their big contracts and major bowls for now, but as questionable scenarios (like this year's and last's) continue and traditional bowl games are devalued, they will eventually come to their senses and handle things just like every other NCAA team sport and division has done it for decades.

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