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Karisa’s Birthday: The Scratch Cake

Ok, last cake post for a little while, as I’m all caught up and there aren’t any more family birthdays for a few more months…

So, with my sister’s birthday being just a few days ago, I decided to try my hand at making a cake from scratch.  All my life I’d made cake from a box, and it’s just not very satisfying to spend the time decorating knowing that there’s box cake underneath (maybe it’s just me, I dunno).  Anyway, I went with just a plain white cake for my first attempt, and it went pretty well.  It smelled great when baking and after coming out of the oven, but it was a bit dry (IMHO).  I’ll likely be tweaking that recipe in the future to make it moister in the future, but for a first attempt, I was very happy.

As far as the decorations go, I decided not to go too crazy, but to do something nice and spring-like.  I couldn’t make up my mind what colors I wanted to use until I sat down to decorate, but I came up with the following:

The yellow/green/pink combination really screamed “SPRING”, and then I tried to harness the letters to make them stems with little flowers.  I also made my first attempt at combing the side of the cake, which turned out ok, but would have been a lot easier with a turn-able stand.  Oh, well, it still turned out nicely!

As a bonus picture, so you can get a better shot of the combing, here is a shot of my son helping his aunt blow out her candles!

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