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Weight Loss Log: Day 1

Disclaimer: This is going to be a continuing series of posts on me trying to get my lazy butt back in shape.  If you’re not interested, feel free to skip on over it.

Right now, I am very sore…

Why? (You may ask.)

Well, that’s because I just attempted a 3.3 mile run jog, the first time in more years than I can remember. (Was it in college at Hiram?  I almost hope I’m wrong about that…)  And by attempted, I mean that I probably only successfully jogged 2 intermittent miles of that and walked with bad lactic acid buildup in my legs (note to self: spend more time hydrating over the course of the day, and don’t eat potato salad before running).  I’ve exercised in many different ways since I last ran, but I’ve mostly avoided straight-up running because I found it boring, and, yep, difficult.

So why did I suddenly pick running as my exercise of choice?  Well, it’s hard to say exactly, but I needed to exercise, and to do something to get out in this beautiful warm weather (because ellipticals are great for the winter and storms, but not much fun when you have the opportunity to get out).

And yes, I did slip in that I NEEDED to exercise.  It’s something I’ve been putting off for far too long, and something I want to do for Graem.  I want him to be able to go out and run and play with his dad, and I want to be able to teach him to play sports and have fun outside.  The way I had been going, I’d simply been getting too lazy.

So, after almost a month and a half of tracking my weight (see below…it was my failed attempt to convince myself to eat better [maybe something to do with traveling for two weddings and the advent of grilling season]…at least I stayed within 2 pounds of where I was…), today was the day I went to the outlets and got me a pair of running shoes (adidas Outlet Store + 20% coupon = great deal) and got busy with actually trying to make a dent in the number that was too high for my tastes (ok, so 260 isn’t going to get me on The Biggest Loser, but it’s pretty close to as big as I’ve been).

So, why am I writing about this, even on Day 1?  Accountability.  Too many times I’ve started making changes, only to give up on them or push them off because “something more pressing” came up.  Well, it’s time to stop that, so I’m going to share my progress (or lack thereof) with the Intertubes, and let y’all encourage me or yell at me to quit slacking off.  I’d really appreciate either…honestly.  It’s time to make some (here comes the cliche) life changes, and I know it’s not going to be easy…

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