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Weight Loss Log: Day 3

So, after being extremely sore for two days and a day of rain, I still managed to lace up my shoes and hit the pavement.  Did the same loop today, but it felt better even though I started out with sore muscles.  However, at least I ate lighter (and no burping up potato salad…a big plus) and hydrated better today, so I think that balanced things out.

I also have to admit that I already feel a lot better than I expected.  Yes, my muscles hurt (even my abs, which I didn’t expect…I guess that’s from all the heavy breathing), but I already have more energy and want to keep on the healthy track.

Oh, and while running, I realized that I hadn’t gotten a “before” picture so that I could compare now to wherever I get to (hopefully).  Yea, it may not have the same impact as The Biggest Loser before/after photos, but I’m curious to see the changes.  So, here’s the “before”, and it’ll probably be a few months before we get an “after”:

Well, there ya go…and now I’m off to bed to recover from tonight’s efforts…
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