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Weight Loss Log: Day 8

Ok, so I got my run in on Friday, took the weekend off, and got back into the swing of things tonight.  And tonight’s run felt horrible (I was cramping bad at some points, and I also left almost a half hour later than usual), but it was my fastest so far (3.2 miles in about 41 minutes).  That really surprised me!  I guess I am getting a little more in shape.  Slowly, but surely.

Speaking of slowly but surely, I also had my “weekly” weigh in on Saturday.  Turns out, I lost a pound.  Sure, it’s no Biggest Loser first week, but I have a full time job and a 16-month-old to chase around when I get home…plus I hit up a Greek food festival and the Three Rivers Arts Festival (aka fair-type food), so losing any weight last week was a plus.  However, I do need to work on getting my diet in line with my workout regimen, or there really is no point.  I’ve already started cutting back on my Mountain Dew intake, and I just have to make sure I eat reasonable stuff the rest of the week.

It really is hard to make so many changes in such a short time.  My appetite has grown already from the exercise and Dew cutback, and I just need to make sure I feed it healthier snacks instead of junk food and ice cream.  We’ll see what I can manage…

In the meantime, I’ll keep hitting the pavement and try to make the diet changes little by little.  It’ll be a long process, but in the end I want to lose the weight and keep it off, so taking it slow is probably the better thing to do.

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