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Weight Loss Log: Day 13

First off, this morning was my most recent weigh in, and I’ve dropped over 2 lbs since last week.  It’s not crazy 10 lbs in a week, but I almost jumped for joy.  My changes appear to be working, and it motivates me to continue with my running and eating better.

I also ran today after putting it off Friday due to a Taco Bell craving (because you gotta splurge every once in a while, and I even toned down my usual order).  I managed to match my last run in terms of time, so at least I’m maintaining my pace.  Gonna start trying to push just a little farther with my running stretches next week so that in a few months I’m running the whole 3.2 mile loop.

I also started looking into 5k races as goals and motivators as well, and I’m thinking of hitting up one near where I used to live in the city in late August and the Pittsburgh Great Race in late September.  We’ll see how those fit in, but right now I think they’d be fun to get involved in.

For now, I’ll be taking Father’s Day off and grilling up a few steaks, and then back to work (in both senses) on Monday. 

Happy Father’s Day to all my fellow dads out there!

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