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Weight Loss Log: Day 22

Ok, so there haven’t been many updates recently.  Well, that’s because I lost half the week being sick to my stomach and then my wife got the same for the remainder of the week, so it wasn’t pretty around here.  And, unfortunately I did get a bit into comfort food when I was feeling better (Chick-Fil-A’s new spicy chicken sandwich is mighty tasty), so I did put on a few ounces even though I spent the first few days of the week surviving primarily on fluids.

Thankfully, that appears to be behind us, and I hit the roads again tonight (and thankfully the weather cooperated, with the rain stopping about 15 minutes before I left for my run).

Since pace has always been a struggle for me (even when I ran distance for two years in high school, I was awful at getting a feel for how fast I was going).  I tend to start too fast and then wilt during my runs.  So, tonight I made a more deliberate effort to go slower, but to take fewer walking breaks (ok, so that wasn’t my initial plan, but that’s what came together as I was running).  Actually, it was very successful.  I started running the first 1.3 miles of my 3.3 mile loop, and then I walked and jogged and then walked again for the next 0.6 miles (the most uphill section of the route), and then I ran the last 1.4 miles.  So, that got me down to two walking stretches instead of the 4-5 I had been taking before.  While my time was actually a few minutes slower than it had been a week before, I’m actually happier that I was able to maintain a more consistent pace for my run.

Funny story when I got home though:  I came home to find my wife on my computer while hers was busy with some backups, and she asks me “Did you get rained on?”


“Oh, it’s just sweat then…”

Sorry, I tend to sweat when I exercise.  Can’t help it, and won’t be ashamed of it!

Anyway, I’m back on the wagon, and it feels great already!

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