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Weight Loss Log: Day 38

Yes, the weight loss efforts do continue, even though it’s been almost two weeks since I updated the blog.  I had a few weekends of trench digging and yard work, so I really haven’t done too much running in the last two weeks (only last Friday and tonight since the last update).  Part of that has been the effort I put into that (I spent around 16 hours digging a trench for a drainage pipe in 85+ degree heat, so I figure that counts for something), and I’ve also been trying to give my knee a break since it was getting sore on me back on the first of July.

I have been taking a glucosamine supplement the last few weeks to try and make my joints a little more flexible.  Hard to tell how much of a difference it’s making, but coupled with the rest, it’s helped a lot.  Tonight, I managed to pound out my 3.3 mile loop in 39 minutes with no more than a half-mile of that in a single stretch at a brisk walk.  At the end, my body really wanted to just let up and stroll into the finish, but I pushed through it and managed to make it to my end point (at the bottom of our hill…walking up that is my cool down).  Considering the amount of running I’ve been doing lately, I was very happy to see a sub-40:00 time for my run.

As for the weight loss, as of Saturday I had lost almost another two pounds since the end of June.  And I’m almost amazed at that because last week was a pretty bad one for me in terms of eating.  Work has been really stressful lately (currently at 4 guys running a 5-man team, and two of them have only been on the job for two months, so I’ve been doing the work of at least two people), and when I get stressed out I want quick comfort food.  So, last week included Wendy’s, Taco Bell, pizza and Quaker Steak & Lube.  Sure, it tasted good, and each of those on occasion is fine, but throwing all that into one week is a bad idea.  I really need to watch myself and put the extra effort into making my lunches for work so that I’m lest tempted to run out and grab something bad for me.  It truly is a discipline issue that I need to work on, both in terms of managing my stress and how I deal with it.

In the end, I’m still making progress, though my meal choices have been limiting the potential of that progress.  It’s time to focus on better controlling my diet, as difficult as that may be.

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