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Weight Loss Log: Day 63

Ok, do you remember all that positive stuff I wrote almost two weeks ago?

Throw it out the window!

So, now I have two confessions to make:

  1. I haven’t run in nearly two weeks.  I’ve been almost avoiding it with a combination of missing motivation, stress, high temperatures and other obligations.  I’m kinda embarrassed because the “I don’t really feel like it” bug has been overly prevalent.  Oh, and in the same time, I haven’t been watching what I’ve eaten very well.  And what does that lead to?  Yep.  Weight Gain.  It’s only a pound, but it is still going in the wrong direction…
  2. Tonight, I still wasn’t all that motivated, but dragged myself out to do something anyway, so I, yes, powerwalked tonight.  Ugh, that doesn’t even feel right to type, but I did keep a good pace and completed my 3.3 miles in 45 minutes, only around 5 minutes longer than running.  Wednesday, I hope to get back to running.

So, nothing really good to report.  I really did feel I was in a good place a few weeks ago, but maybe it was simply overconfidence.  Regardless, the last few weeks have reminded me how much hard work and dedication this process is going to require.

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