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Dad’s 60th Birthday Cake

Wednesday is my Dad’s 60th birthday, so yesterday we took him out golfing in the morning, and then surprised him with a party, with family in from out of town, as well as a New England themed menu.  Then to top it all off, I made him this cake:

Dad's 60th Birthday Cake
The island green part of the cake is a yellow cake made from scratch with a maraschino cherry cream filling.  I made the two different shades of green buttercream frosting to distinguish the green from the rough, piped on the wooden edging of the green, and used brown sugar for a sand trap.  The water is a thin layer of blue buttercream frosting that is lightly textured to look like water.

Then, the tee boxes are over a chocolate sour cream cake with a peanut butter frosting filling.  I marked the different tees with little colored cookie-decorating candies, and piped on all of that lovely rough by hand.

Both cakes turned out really well (especially the chocolate one…that was excellent!), and everybody enjoyed them (especially my son).  Not too bad for working into the wee hours of the morning and bordering on exhaustion if I do say so myself!

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