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Pittsburgh Great Race 2010

This morning, I ran my second 5k race in the Pittsburgh Great Race.  This time it was a much more forgiving course than my first 5k as it was a predominantly downhill course running through the central parts of the city.  It was also much more crowded, being one of 4000 on the course this time instead of 1200 like last time.  My wife was able to come along with my son and cheer me on this time as well.  They even got a picture of me running near the finish line in Point State Park (I would be the one in the neon green shorts):

Greg in the Pittsburgh Great Race

However, again, it was a lot of fun, and very fulfilling.  I went into the race looking to improve on the 36:31 time I had last time, with a goal of 35:00 (which, honestly, I wasn’t very optimistic about because I hadn’t trained in 10 days and had been bordering on exhaustion recently).  However, things went much better than expected, as I powered across the finish line at the 34:42 mark (you can see it on the local CBS stations, KDKA’s website, where you’ll see me cross the finish line on the right side right around the 4:40 mark of the video).  Knowing I was a block or so away from the starting line at the gun, I knew my time was even better than that.  When the results were finally posted this evening, I ended up with a time of 32:33, which is a 10:28/mile pace.  

Needless to say, I’m very happy with a near 4-minute improvement on my time, but it’s also going to wrap up the race season for me, and I’ll be doing more indoor and elliptical training come the colder season (plus, it’s been getting really dark by the time I’ve been getting to run lately).  I’ll just have to start picking out what races I want to do next year, so I have new targets to be training for!

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