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A Father’s Day Prayer

I got this from my uncle today, and it was published in their parish bulletin this morning, and I liked it enough that I thought I’d share…


A Father’s Day Prayer


Holy Father,


You are the one who knows how absolutely special fathers are.

You made them that way.


How else can a man work so hard, give so much, and love unconditionally,

without your strength?


So first, Lord, thank You for fathers, for daddies.

For big, strong men with tender hearts,

with hands that are callused and rough,

yet so soft and gentle when hearts need mending.


Lord, help children to delight this day in being with their dads,

even if it must only be by phone.


May the precious memories flow, and bring laughter,

and new love and appreciation.


Lord, please take care of our dads.

Though they are brave and protective,

they must also be frightened sometimes,

when money runs low, when we need things, when we’re hurt or sick.


Lord, when their hearts break because they can’t do it all,

please help us to let them know how much we love them.


And how much You love them.


Lord, forgive the men who know they are not good fathers,

and help them to know when and if they can make things better,

with Your help.


And Oh, Lord, for those dads who keep trying and keep loving after

messing up so many times,

help their children to love them even more in return.


Lord, for that dad who has lost a child, please let him know that You are there,

right beside him,

for nothing else can heal a heart so torn.


For the father who is parenting alone, strengthen him with your love.


For those whose father is already with You,


Give him a hug Lord,


And tell him it’s from his children.


And you too, Lord.


Happy Father’s Day!


In Jesus’ name,




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