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Football Cake!

For this year’s Super Bowl, I again went all-out homemade, like I normally do:

  • Wings
  • Fries
  • Ice Cream
  • and, of course, CAKE!

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The cake was actually a request for this year by one of my wife’s friends.  I’ve made is several times in the past, but in previous years I had used some shortcuts (i.e. not from scratch) due to time constraints and this year I wanted to stick with making things from scratch.  I used my yellow cake recipe, but this time I split the batch in two, and added pre-melted chocolate to half, and then swirled the two batters together in the pan to make a marble cake. (Sorry, no shot of the middle.)

The frosting was my standard buttercream, with a small portions separated for the white stripes and laces, and then the remainder mixed with cocoa powder and extra whipping cream until it got a nice chocolaty taste and slightly thicker than usual consistency.

One thought I’d like to add about making this cake is that I hate this cake pan, mostly because it cooks very unevenly and can take almost twice as long as a standard 8″ cake in order to make sure it is cooked all the way though.  Yes, I do have an older oven (it’s painted a rust color if that is any indication), but I don’t have these issues with standard cupcake and cake pans.  So, the ends can turn out dry, while the middle finally cooked.  Not ideal, but I keep this pan around for this annual event nonetheless.

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