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Gettin’ A Little Crazy In Here…

Now that winter weather has settled on us here in Pennsylvania, I had been going back to my EA Active workouts.  It’s not that I can’t run now, but I’d rather not take on the additional risks of trying to run at night with snow and ice all around.

I’ve enjoyed the EA Active workouts on my PS3 for several years now, but even on the “Hard” settings, I wasn’t really getting pushed.  Yes, I’d get in about a half hour of sweating, but not really pushing myself.  My wife made the comment that I really wan’t going to lose weight with it, and I could tell she was right.  At best, I’d be able to maintain my weight, which isn’t my goal.  Plus, it’s just not convenient when I need to travel for work (which is probably when I need to work out the most).

So, for the new year, I decided to take the plunge and purchase the INSANITY workout, which I had heard and read good things about.  It showed up in the mail today, and I dove right in this evening.

And I already know that it’s going to make me push myself, as today was just the fitness test and I was almost constantly out of breath trying to keep up.  Tomorrow’s the first “real” workout, and I’m eager (and nervous) about what’s going to be thrown at me.  However, I also look forward to stepping up the challenge over the next 60 days.

Another part of the program is not only tracking your progress with the workouts (with regular fitness tests), but tracking the progress of your physique.  So, I made my wife take the following pictures, which will serve as my “before”.  I apologize in advance…

Before - Front View

Before – Front View

Before - Side View

Before – Side View

Before - Bicep View

Before – Bicep View

Before - Back ViewBefore – Back View

(And, honestly, I’m a bit surprised by how big I still look, even after losing 22 pounds last year.  Many of my clothes feel so big now, but clearly I have more work to do!)

I’ll try to post updates as things go along, but I’ll probably keep the pictures to myself until the end of the program, and we’ll see how it compares.

In the meantime, wish me luck, because I know it’s not going to be easy.

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