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Why I’m Done With Blizzard Games…

Back when I was in high school, Blizzard was just beginning to become a household name in PC gaming during the early years of internet gaming. I killed a fair amount of time slaying Orcs, Zerg, and the minions of Diablo, both on my own and with friends. The games were great, mostly well-balanced and played easily.

Later on, World of Warcraft emerged, which was less intriguing to me. The game was missing a story, which I’ve often found very important in my favorite games, so I steered clear of it. Years later, I did finally try it for a few days, and found it so clunky and hard to play that I unstalled it pretty quickly.

Since Blizzard had dropped the ball with their core franchises (IMHO), I hadn’t played their games for a while. Starcraft II did come along, which was exciting, but not quite enough for me to go out and grab it.

However, with the release of Diablo III, I was very excited by what I had seen and picked up a copy. And it was a lot of fun, and the story was even better than the previous iterations. It was everything that I had hoped for.

And then my account got hacked…

I got a e-mail notice that my information had been changed when I had not changed it. In fact, it was in an asian language (I did not recognize which, specifically) that I had to translate (thanks Google). I tried to reset my password, but my security question was now in the asian language as well, so I couldn’t do anything. So I followed their reporting procedures and notified Blizzard support of the issue and requested that my account be restored and reset.

I never received a response.

I tried to contact them again. Again receiving no response.

I even tried calling their support line, only to be chased around a series of automated menus and never getting to talk to a person.

I had just about given up, but a few weeks later I tried to reset my account information again, hoping that they had done it and neglected to notify me. This time the security question was different, but still one I could not answer. I went through the notification process Blizzard had laid out to restore my account.

A few months later, I have yet to receive a response.

Thankfully, I didn’t have any payment information saved with Blizzard, or I’d really be upset. But if they can’t be bothered with me when I encounter problems with their security and service, I’m not going to be giving them any more money.

So, goodbye Blizzard. Hello, Torchlight.

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