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Glazed in Key West

With my job, I have to travel to client sites on a regular basis, and recently, one of those places has been to Key West, Florida.  After a few mornings of absolutely awful hotel breakfasts, I decided to venture out the last morning I was on-site.  After some research, I had to get myself to Glazed Donuts.  While near the main drag of Duval Street in Key West, it’s an unassuming storefront that can easily be missed.  However, you’d be missing out on something special.

Glazed offers an assortment of what I’d call “artisan” donuts.  Each one is a little piece of art, both in terms of appearance and flavor.  And the selection changes from time to time, with the current choices displayed right at the counter.  I’ve been there twice now, and had some different choices each time.  While the regular glazed and key lime pie options have been consistent, the others get changed up, and every one I’ve tried has been excellent.

Glazed Donuts On Display
Glazed Donuts On Display

All the donuts, glazes, toppings and fillings clearly get special attention at Glazed, and the results are well worth it.  This isn’t your local Donut Hut chain, but bold and robust flavors that result from a careful handmade process.  And while they aren’t cheap, they are well worth their price tag (and the locals agree).

So, if you’re a donut lover and you happen to find yourself in Key West, make sure to come by Glazed Donuts.  This is the kind of treat that will make a lasting impression!

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