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“House of Cards” a New Guilty Pleasure

Spacey as US Congressman Frank Underwood

I’ll admit it…real politics both bore and frustrate me.  In general, it’s a whole lot of talking, a bunch of petty fighting, and not much progress being made.  So, political dramas have never really been my thing (unless you count “24”…which I wouldn’t, since there aren’t that many terrorist attacks and shootouts in your average day of politics).  I never had much interest in “The West Wing”, despite it’s reputation, the pace and characters just never worked for me.

But, I am a Kevin Spacey fan, and had read good reviews from the initial watchers of the Netflix original “House of Cards”, so I decided to give it a shot.  And after two episodes I was sold.

Spacey plays Congressman Frank Underwood of South Carolina, a 20+ year veteran of the hill and majority whip, immediately following the election of a new democrat president.  Frank is a power player who makes the system work for him, and “House of Cards” quickly dives down the rabbit hole of corruption, abuse of power, and egomania that is probably far more accurate than any of us would like to believe. Every move that Frank makes is one that moves him closer to his goal of more power.

Along the way, the lines of media and humanitarianism are blurred as well as Frank uses all the tools at his disposal to get what he wants: his staff, his wife, an eager young reporter, a former staffer turned lobbyist and many other pawns along the way.

The first season was very well executed and entertaining, with a number of pieces in motion at any given time.  Plus, it’s meant to be the dark side of Washington, and the indulgence of watching Frank play his hand, inside or outside the rules, is immensely enjoyable.

If you have Netflix and have the time to watch this, I would definitely recommend it, and I look forward to future seasons.

It won’t hurt if you have a less than stellar view of Washington politics to begin with either…

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