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Running Further, Running Thinner

Between last night and this morning, I hit two pretty big personal milestones.  One going upward, and one going downward.

On the upward tick, I ran the furthest I ever have last night, logging my first 10+ mile run with a 10.35 mile jaunt around town.  I managed to complete the run in just over 1:45, making a 10:10 per mile pace.  That was pretty close to my targeted 10-min mile pace, so I was very happy with the effort.  I was definitely a bit cottonmouthed at the end of the run, so I’ll probably look at getting some kind of hydration pack for similar runs in the future.

In the other direction, my weight continues to drop, and with this week’s weigh-in, I officially hit the 40 pound weight-loss mark.  That amount is in just under 17 months.  At this point, I feel like I can still lose some more, but I’m not quite sure what my new target is now.  Since I’ve already gone below my initial target for the year, I think I’m just going to take things 5 pounds at a time, and try to focus on improving my running.

So, two major milestones for me within 12 hours which I am very proud of, but there’s still plenty of room for improvement!

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  1. Awesome milestones – keep it up!

    (Just FYI, found you as seemingly the only other guy commenting on ‘The Mile Posts’ 🙂 )

  2. Greg Nilsen Greg Nilsen

    Thanks Michael!

    And, yea…I think I “Run This Body” as well, but I guess it sounds weirder coming from a guy!

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