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Running on the Road: Key West

I got to travel to Key West several times in the past year for work (Hey, it’s not my fault that they put the county seat in a vacation destination!). Thankfully, it was in the “cooler” winter months, so the temperatures were “only” in the 80s. Staying pretty close to the middle of the island, I managed to get in two very distinctive runs on these trips:

The Coast Around The Airport Run

Key West Airport Loop



Right after my last race of 2012 (the 5k that wasn’t), I had to travel to Key West and decided to fit in one last run before winter settled in at home. Since I wanted to run on the coast and not run into too many people, I decided to do a 5-mile loop around the airport. Being December, it was getting dark early, so I did run the route in the dark, but there were plenty of street lights along the way. It was a very relaxing run (I wasn’t pushing it too hard, either), but it was extremely humid. So much so, that I wasn’t fully prepared for it and the change in temperature, so I managed to get in 4 miles before walking the last mile of the loop. Still, it was exciting to run the southernmost coast in the United States.

Beach, Historic Key West, and Causeway Run

Key West Tourist Loop

Historic Key West HouseA few months later, upon my return to Key West I decided to head off in the other direction. This was my first run following the completion of the INSANITY DVD program during the winter months back home. This time, I headed to the coast agin and ran west towards Duval Street, north across the island among the historic homes of Key West, and then back over the causeway back towards my hotel for a total of 4.5 miles. I really enjoyed this run, and probably because it really felt good. I did manage to get it in while the sun was still up, so the sights were really nice to see.

Overall, Key West is very flat (the only elevation I encountered on either run was the causeway), but the weather (heat and humidity) definitely makes the run more challenging. Even being a small island, there are plenty of interesting routes on this island for us runners.

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