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A Year of Running

It was a year ago today that I really started running…

Yes, there was a few month stint back in 2010, but I managed to let the cold weather put the kibosh on that after two 5k races.

However, it was June 18th, 2012 that I started running with more commitment.  Yes, it was a bit intermittent at first, but I had put several goal races out in front of me to help keep me motivated.  And yes, I started out pretty slow.  That first run was just under 5 miles at a 13:14 pace.  For most of 2012, I was running between 3-5 miles, but did manage to complete several 5k races and one 10k.  I spent much of the year trying to get my 5k time under 30 minutes, but wasn’t quite able to do so. (Though I might have in December’s Jingle Bell Run if they hadn’t shortened it to a 2.75 mile course!)

Anyway, after taking a break from running during the dead of winter here in Pittsburgh and spending 9 weeks completing INSANITY, I was back at it, and getting much faster than I had initially hoped, as well as tackling more distance.  After two months back running, I managed to put in a 26:53 5k time in early May, and now am looking to complete bigger goals.  In August, I’ll be taking on the Tough Mudder in Pittsburgh, and I’m hoping to tackle the Thunder Road marathon in November.  Yes, I’m being ambitious, but I think I’m fully capable.  My long runs are currently at 11+ miles, and I still have time to stretch that out by the late fall.

And I’m loving it.  Yes, there are some days where it is tough to drag myself out there, but most days I look forward to my runs as a way to calm myself after a long day.

And since I’ve been keeping a log, here are some numbers to put that year in perspective:

  • 422.38 miles
  • 73 hours and 20 minutes of running
  • 93 recorded runs
  • 3 pairs of shoes
  • 30+ pounds lost
  • 4 5k races
  • 1 10k race
  • 1 obstacle course race (Ruckus Pittsburgh)
  • 1 much happier guy

Hmmm…I may have to make this an annual thing…

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