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July 2013 Training Summary

Until recently, I had been bombarding my Facebook friends with my individual running workouts.  Knowing how annoying that can be for those who may have no interest, I decided to switch from posting individual runs to doing a monthly recap here on the blog.  This is the first of those summaries.

  • 13 Runs
  • 77.6 Miles
  • 13 hours, 33 minutes of running
  • 1 Race:
    • 7/13 – Pittsburgh Ruckus Obstacle Race (4 miles, 51:51)

I came into the month slowly working on building up my mileage, but had an injury shortly after the Ruckus race.  Thankfully, it wasn’t anything major, but I did strain a chest muscle that was sore when I breathed heavy/hard and managed to strain it too much with a 12+ miler a few days later, so I did have a week off in the middle of the month where I let that heal.

While the Ruckus race seemed a bit toned down from last year’s event (and I’m still annoyed that they gave out cotton t-shirts instead of the technical shirts from last year), I did improve significantly (11+ minute improvement over last year’s 1:02:56…but they’re hard to directly compare since the courses were different).

Fort Walton Beach
Fort Walton Beach

As I got later into the month, I realized that was doing too many long and tempo runs, and not mixing up my pace enough.  I was starting to feel slow.  Near the end of the month I did some beach running in Fort Walton Beach, FL (pictured above) while traveling for work, and 3 miles in the soft sand felt like 5 going straight uphill (and I’m probably understating that).  I also mixed in some fartlek workouts as well once I got home.  So far, that seems to be improving things, but I’ll see as I get into August.  Having just over a year of running under my belt, I’m still figuring out how to kick a funk like I’ve been feeling.

All-in-all, it was a steady month, which I can’t complain about with the injury thrown in and the usual heat of July (and heat just punishes me anyway…I was born for the north).  That’s probably a large source of my feeling slow, but it also doesn’t me I’m doing everything right.

As I roll into August, I’ll be kicking off my marathon training to get ready for my first marathon (the Charlotte Thunder Road Marathon in November), as well as tackling my first Tough Mudder in “Pittsburgh” (it’s really in St. Clairsville, OH) in late August (where I’m sure to push my limits, but try not to derail my marathon training).  There will be a few more races scattered in between those, but we’ll get to those later.


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