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August / September 2013 Training Summary


  • 13 Runs
  • 76.8 Miles
  • 15 hours, 26 minutes of running
  • 1 Tough Mudder


  • 17 Runs
  • 115.31 Miles
  • 19 hours, 52 minutes of running
  • 1 Race:
    • 9/29 – Pittsburgh Great Race 10k (6.2 miles, 57:35)

So, I got a little behind with my monthly updates, so here’s a 2-for-1 update.

August was a pretty calm month training-wise.  I was gearing up for the Tough Mudder late in the month, and took a few days off afterwards because of a pulled muscle (so far, that’s a bad trend with Obstacle Courses), but all-in-all it was a good training month.  I also started my marathon training, which was actually a step down in mileage for a few weeks.

The Tough Mudder was a beast!  It was a lot of fun, but was definitely a challenge.  10+ miles of muddy hill climbs and obstacles took me nearly 4 hours to complete, but I made it through it all in the end.  In the future, I’d like to tackle it with a team (went solo this time, but teamed up with people at the obstacles) because I think it would be even more fun to do with a group.

September saw my miles ramp up in my training plan and reach new distances with my long runs.  I peaked out for the month at 15 miles on 9/22, but all of my weekly runs have been growing in length (my average run went from 5.9 miles in August to 6.8 in September).  Also, with the cooler weather settling in, I’m finding it more comfortable to keep up my pace, even with the increase in distance.  Interestingly enough, though, my average pace was 10:15 per mile across both months.

That's me in the neon green with my hands up!
That’s me in the neon green with my hands up!

The end of September brought my first road race in nearly 5 months, and the first race I’ve run the same course multiple times.  I always love the Great Race, as it is a beautiful, downhill course through the city of Pittsburgh, but I was really ecstatic to cut over 9 minutes off my 2012 time of 1:06:48, and I look forward to making further improvements in future years.

Now in October, I’ll be logging more miles than I ever have before, with planned long runs of 16, 17, 18 and 20 miles before I begin my taper in November to get ready for the EQT 10-miler in Pittsburgh and the Thunder Road Marathon in Charlotte, NC.  I expect it to be a challenging month, but I’m really feeling up to it now and excited to tackle the new challenges.

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