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October 2013 Training Summary

  • 17 Runs
  • 152.49 Miles
  • 28 hours of running
  • 0 Races

I ran more miles in October than I have ever run before, climbing to and reaching the peak of my marathon training.  Each week included two 5 mile runs, one 8 mile run, and Sunday long runs of 16, 17, 18 and 20 miles (each further than I’d ever run before).

My long runs started off on a rough note with a warm and humid 16 miler that I ran out of water with 3 miles left and barely finished, but the runs got better from there.  I finished with my 20-mile adventure with 7 category 5 climbs, which really made me feel ready for the Thunder Road Marathon coming up this weekend.

Admittedly, it was a tough month.  It was twice as many miles as I had run just two months prior, and there were some days I wasn’t fully feeling up to the task, but I got myself out there anyway.  The fact that several of my runs were longer than I would log in an entire week back in the spring is a bit mindblowing.  There were a few points where I wondered if my body was up to the task (like trying to do 5 more miles the day after logging 18), but my body was always able to respond and I felt myself growing stronger.

I also was dealing with earlier and earlier nightfalls, so I got pretty comfortable running in the dark.  It’s not as bad as it sounds (well, except when it’s pitch black in the cemetery) but it does get wearisome coming in very late from an 8 mile run.

My appetite also ramped up quite a bit as well.  I was joking with my dad the other day that my appetite felt like it did back in high school with all the calories I was burning.  Not to brag, but I felt like I was always eating, but I was still maintaining or dropping weight (something I’m going to have to keep an eye on after the marathon…but that’s for a later date).

Now, with the marathon just 5 days away, I’ve been tapering and really getting excited about the race.  I know I can do it at this point, which is a great feeling when the goal felt so far off just a few months ago!

(And, yes, I do plan on plastering pics all over this blog after the race!)

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