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So, I guess it’s 2014 already…

So, I’ve been a little remiss about getting a New Year’s post together (How is it January 26th already???), but it’s about time I got around to it.  Let’s take a look at what I planned for last year and what I’m looking forward to for 2014:


#1 – Lose An Additional 15 Pounds

Well, I had completed this goal at one point during the year, but slipped back around the holidays.  I started the year at 245.2 pounds.  On Nov. 9th, just a week before my marathon, I checked in at a low of 222.9 lbs.

However, the cutback in my training combined with a metabolism/appetite that hearkened back to my high school days and an far to prevalent attitude of “I just ran a marathon, so I deserve this…and this…and this!” brought back some of that weight.

In the end, I finished the year at 233.4 lbs.  It was still almost a 12 pound weight loss, but I know I could have done better.

#2 – Complete Six 5k or Longer Races

This past year, I completed exactly six races:

  1. Emerald of Mt. Washington 5k (3.1 miles) – First race of the year as well as my shortest, and a new PR in 26:53 (by more than 4 minutes!).
  2. Ruckus 2013 (4 mile obstacle course) – Ran this because I won a free entry, and now the series has gone out of business.
  3. Tough Mudder “Pittsburgh” (10.5 miles) – Technically in eastern Ohio, and technically not a race, but a trial of will.  It took me almost 4 hours to slog up and down the hills of this course.  It was well worth doing, but not sure if I’ll be tackling something similar in the future.
  4. Pittsburgh Great Race 2013 10k (6.2 miles) – One of my favorite race events of the year on a mostly downhill course through one of the main arteries of the city.  Another PR here, this time by more than 9 minutes over last year’s time.
  5. EQT 10 Miler (10 miles) – This was supposed to be the tune up for my Marathon (just two weeks later) but it was the best I felt running all year.  I managed to run negative splits throughout the race and finish feeling great!
  6. Charlotte’s Thunder Road Marathon (26.2 miles) – This is the race that I spent half the year training for and the pinnacle of my training for the year.  While I struggled through the second half of the race, I’m still very proud of making it to the end.

#3 – Blog More

In 2012, I only managed 16 posts.  In 2013, that number went up to 28.  So, that’s an improvement at least, though I didn’t set any firm goals for “more”.


#1 – Get (and Stay) Under 225

So, I made progress with my weight, but I still have room to improve.  I’m also now using the fitbit Aria scale to help me be more consistent in recording my weight.  Just a few weeks into the year, I’m already down a few pounds to 231.5, so I’ve just got to keep that momentum going.

#2 – Get Faster

While I focused on stretching out my distance last year, I’d like to focus on completing my shorter distances faster this year.  Time-wise, I’d like to get my 5k time under 25:00 and my 10k under 55:00.  I think both are within my reach with the right training.

That’s it, actually.  I’m already planning on getting in some more races in these shorter distances, and I’m getting through this harsh Pittsburgh winter by completing a second round of INSANITY, as it did a good job of keeping me in race-shape last year.  But, mostly, I want to keep my goals focused so that I can make sure I stay on top of them.

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  1. Good job on 2013 and I think those are pretty solid goals for this year. Do you have specific races planned?

  2. Greg Nilsen Greg Nilsen

    I’m still working on getting my race calendar in order, but right now I’m planning on doing the Great Race 10k and hopefully the EQT 10 Miler again. I’ll probably start off the racing season with a local 10k, Martha’s Run (, which is about a month after I wrap up INSANITY and get back to running.

    I’m hoping to have my full plan in order by the end of next month, but at this time last year I had no plans to run a marathon, but I did it anyway!

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