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Baking Roundup

So, this started out as a short post until I realized how behind I was.  I wanted to clean out the bin of baking that has been accumulating on me.  It’s amazing how quick they build up!

Raspberry Citrus Cupcakes

These were cupcakes I had made in the past for my sister’s bridal shower, but while I was on a business trip, I had some friends request that I make them at their house.

Making Frosting By Hand

However, there was a bit of a problem when their mixer broke (aka “fizzled out with the awful stench of motor burnout”).

So, since everything else was ready to go, I got to do it all by hand!

However, everything else at least went smoothly as I made the citrus cupcake base, filled them with a dollop of raspberry preserves and topped them with a buttercream frosting made with fresh raspberries.

photo photo_3

The end result still turned out pretty darn good, and my friends loved them and appreciated the extra effort.


Spider-man Day Cupcakes

My son’s school had a special Spider-man Day and asked me to make some cupcakes, so I decided to hit up the food coloring on basic yellow cake.

Spiderman Cupcake Bases Spiderman Cupcakes

My Aunt’s 60th Birthday Cake

Over the summer, my aunt had her 60th birthday, and we usually have a family picnic a few weeks beforehand, so we surprised her with a personalized cake:

Bowling Cakes

The bowling ball is a dense chocolate cake with a strawberry preserve filling, and the pins are a lemon cake with lemon curd filling.

For reference, the pins were done using a vintage Donald Duck cake pan:

Donald Duck Cake Pan

Bridal Shower Cupcakes

For one of my wife’s friends, I was asked to make some bridal shower cupcakes.  She requested my buckeye cupcakes (which are becoming quite famous in these parts, consisting of a chocolate cake, peanut butter frosting filling, chocolate ganache, and a dollop of peanut butter frosting), but I made her a deal that I’d make one more type of my choosing as well.

Bridal Shower Cupcakes


So on the right is the buckeye cupcake, and on the left is my creation: a cherry cupcake with honey lavender frosting.  Both got positive reviews, but the lavender one was a bit on the strong side and I’d probably tone it back next time.  However, that was my first foray into using it, so it was a trial.

Ninja Turtle Birthday Cake

So, for my son’s third birthday, he asked me for a Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtle cake.  Unfortunately, the new iteration of the show has yet to produce any such pans, and all of the older ones are going on eBay for around $50.  So I got creative and decided to freehand a picture on top of a cake made with an old astronaut pan.

Me in the process of frosting Raphael In Cake


Not perfect, but I was still very happy with how it turned out and my youngest son nearly leaped with excitement when he saw it.

Christmas Donuts

For Christmas morning, we decided to make donuts from scratch.  I prepared the dough the night before, let it rise in the fridge overnight, and let it warm back up and proof in the morning.

Christmas Donuts

The donuts were great when warm, but a little on the dense side.  Next time, I’ll make sure to give them more time to warm back up before trying to do anything with the dough.

Strawberry Chocolate Birthday Cupcakes

For my oldest son’s birthday, we sent cupcakes into school with him and I let him choose what he wanted.  He settled on a strawberry cupcake with chocolate frosting, and then helped to finish decorating them.

Strawberry Chocolate Cupcakes

Monster Truck Birthday Cake

Lastly, one more birthday cake, again for my oldest son, because he got cupcakes at school and cake with the extended family at home (lucky boy!).

We had gone to Monster Jam a few weeks prior, so the boys are still full-throttle into the monster trucks.  So when I asked him what he wanted, he said an Iron Man Monster Truck.

Again, getting creative with the pans, I came up with the following:

Iron Man Monster Truck CakeIf the frosting looks a little more yellowed, it probably is, as this time I did make the switch from plain Crisco to an organic palm oil shortening.  I though it actually tasted much better despite the different color.

So, that wraps it up.  Unfortunately now, my Kitchen Aid Pro is back on the fritz, so I’ll have to get that fixed up before tackling much more.


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    Much artistic and gustatory flair in your pastry creations! Genuine talent, Greg!

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