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Adding time at the track…

This week I did my first organized track/speed workout since high school.   Last year I did do one track session on my own,  but never got back to the track and focused on increasing my miles for my first marathon. This year,  with a focus on getting faster,  I am hoping to join a group and make them a regular part of my workouts.

This week was a mile warmup, high knees, butt kicks, a pair of strides,  6 800m repeats and a mile cool down.

I was aiming to do my repeats at my goal 5k pace (8:00/mile goal,  so 4:00 for 800m) and was able to stay fairly consistent over the course of the workout.  I noticed that I was hitting the 200m mark around 55 seconds on each of my repeats and slowing from there to my goal pace, so I do need to work on holding a consistent pace over the distance.

Still,  for my first workout like this in 20 years,  I was pretty happy with my performance.   Looking forward to next week now!

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