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Where did April go?

Where has the last month gone?  Oh yea, a week of travel plus a Game of Thrones marathon with my wife (starting from the beginning of the series)…

Ok, so I wasn’t that motivated to post, though there were things worth noting.  I’m hoping to circle back to some of them, but for now I’ll just provide some running updates.

I was a little more intermittent with my running in April than I would have liked, but I also got in my first two races of the year.

First was the Martha’s Run 10k which they have in my hometown, which also happens to be very hilly.  I ended up running a 58:03, which was less than 30 seconds off of my PR that came on a downhill course.  So, overall it was pretty good, but still three minutes over my sub-55:00 goal on the year.

Second came the Pirates Charities 5k Home Run, which finished at home plate in PNC Park.  Here’s a shot of the finish line:Pirates 5k Home Run Finish In that race, I managed to set a new PR of 26:18, which was 35 seconds than my previous best.  I went out a bit fast and died in the last mile, so I think I am getting closer to my sub-25:00 goal.

So, two races down, and both were pretty successful.  Still a ways to go, but I’m glad to see the marked improvement.  That helps motivate me even more on my regular runs, knowing that they really are helping make me a better runner.

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