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Finally, My Training Took A Turn For The Better

The last several weeks have been a struggle to run.  I’ve had a hard time finding my pace, felt my endurance was down, and was just generally struggling through my runs.  Some of that Track Work!can probably be attributed to the weather, and some to not having a consistent schedule, but for the most part I felt I had just been slogging away the miles.

Well, this week brought a cold front, and a week of better training that really helped me feel back on track.

First was a 5k trial at 80% effort, where I managed to run consecutive negative splits.

Second was a solid evening at the track, doing 1000m/800m interval sets at 5k pace.  I really tried to be consistent while pushing myself, and, while I was worn out at the end, I felt great that I was able to keep on track.

Finally, today I went out for a slower 6.5 mile run over a particularly hilly course, and while I did take a few walk breaks on the hills to keep my heart rate from getting too high, I still managed to keep a solid pace and was still going strong through the end.

With my first race since May coming up next Saturday (the Run Around the Square in Pittsburgh’s Regent Square and Frick Park), this week has been a great confidence booster.  Now to keep it on track for the next week!

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