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Run Around The Square 2014


So, this morning I ran the Run Around the Square 5k.  I hadn’t run the race since 2010, which also happened to be my first 5k.  It’s a race I really like in general: I used to live in the neighborhood, the course is a mix of roads and park trails, the final 3/4 of a mile are all downhill, and there’s a great post-race atmosphere (hot dogs, beer and more!).  It’s about all you could ask for in a local 5k.

However, today was not my day for a race…

I knew I had a few things working against me this morning.  Humidity was floating around 400% (ok, it was only 97%, but I could still see the fog down the road!), and I had just come off of a long week of work stress and travel where I had (a) indulged too much with food and drink, (b) not drunk enough water, (c) not slept well and (d) barely snuck in my training runs.  And all that bit me right after completing my first mile right on my goal pace (@ 8:27) and feeling pretty good about myself, as my calves started cramping and the wheels came off.  I worked through the rest of the race, but it was pretty ugly.  I came in at 29:36 in the end, which was pretty disappointing as I had been looking to go sub-26:00 today.

Yea, I’m pretty frustrated that things went so poorly, but I understand why they did.  I never deal well with the humidity anyway, and today was like swallowing water while running.  And the rest was pretty much self-sabotage.  I guess I can look back and say that I cut 7 minutes off my last finish, but the race is still leaving a sour taste in my mouth especially with how well I was feeling the week before.  I was even hoping this is where I’d be able to go sub-25:00 (my goal for the year), but since that didn’t happen I may have to find another 5k when it gets cooler.

Next race on the calendar for me is the Pittsburgh Great Race 10k, coming up at the end of September.  Time to get back on track both workout and food-wise if I want to try and hit my sub-55:00 goal there.

UPDATE: Our local PBS station, WQED, was out at the race and took some footage.  Look for me very briefly at the 0:52 mark in a grey shirt and yellow ArmPocket.

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  1. You finished a 5K, which isn’t bad, so, optimism! It’s always been my goal to do one, but I run like Sisyphus… every time I start getting close to my goal, something happens and I don’t run for a week or two and I slide back again.

  2. Greg Nilsen Greg Nilsen

    Yea, it’s just the competitor in me that wants to improve and see results from all the running I put in. I was way faster than the last time I did the race 4 years ago, but was really hoping for more.

    I’ll admit that getting into my routine was hard last year when I worked from the office all day, came home and fed the kids and got them to bed, and then tried to go running in the dark. It was usually comfortable, as long as I brought along lights or reflective clothing. However, since I started working from home, I’ve found it much easier to get into a routine of running during my lunch hour. If anything, I get antsy when I’m not able to get it in or take a rest day. It’s like I don’t get my time to clear my brain before I get back to work.

    Last year, to keep me on schedule, I recorded all of my planned runs on my calendar so I got alerts on my phone to make sure I went and knew how much I needed to tackle. I’ve been thinking of doing the same now so there’s a plan in place and I’m not just winging it when I walk out the door.

    • Neat ideas. It seems like everybody is different in what does and doesn’t motivate them to get moving!

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