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Midweek Music Break: Feed Me – No Grip

Feels like this is coming early this week after the long Labor Day weekend, but here we are!

One of the areas of music I’ve had a growing appreciation for is “electro house” and similar styles.  One reason for this is that it’s great music to run to.  It’s typically got steady beats, high energy, and limited lyrics (which can be a bit distracting).

While exploring for new music a few months ago, I happened across Feed Me’s Calamari Tuesday and the track below.  While I’m enjoying all of the album, the track “No Grip” has caught a little more of my attention.

One of the things I really enjoy about this song is that on top of the steady beat, you get a mix of dischord that would seem to clash with the rest of the song, but still fits right in place.  In addition to the various rises and falls, this song continues to hold my interest for the full 5 minutes, and would likely do so for longer.  It’s a brilliant blend of electronic noises that are clean in their structure and dirty in their sound.  It’s both rough, while delicately finished.  And walking that line is very impressive.

And while, at 110 BPM, it’s well below the recommended 180 BPM to run to for stride count, I still find it to be a sublime tune to hit the roads to.

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