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Midweek Music Break: Freezepop – Science Genius Girl

Let me take you back to 2002, my senior year in college, and I was entranced by my new favorite PS2 game: Frequency.  Among the interesting and challenging songs found in the game, one of the more memorable was “Science Genius Girl” by Freezepop, a quirky synth band from Boston.

Why is this song so memorable?  Well, it’s light and fun.  Is there a point to it?  Not really.  Sure, you could stump about “yay…women and science” but the song doesn’t take itself that seriously.

However, it is delightfully nerdy when they begin quoting the digits of pi in the bridge…

Oh, and if you haven’t heard, they are making a sequel to the sequel of Frequency (see Amplitude for the original PS2 sequel and Amplitude for the new PS3/PS4 version they funded on Kickstarter).  If you want, you can still get your copy for the release next year!

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