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Midweek Music Break: The Subways – Oh Yeah

Today’s post is brought to you by my lunchtime run!

Ah, the early 2000’s were a fun time for alt./punk/rock.  The post-grunge faze was in full-effect, and no matter how many times MTV tried to christen The Strokes as the “next big band”, it never happened.

Mixed in that era was a bunch of bands to seemed to fit the “one hit wonder” mold, each with their own distinct sound, but a lot of similar styles.  One of those bands was The Subways with their song “Oh Yeah” from 2005.

While having a high-tempo punk style, what makes this song stand out is the secondary vocals of Charlotte Cooper.  The two voices make for a distinct sound that was also very catchy.  And while “Rock & Roll Queen” technically charted higher, I’ve always found “Oh Yeah” to be their quintessential hit.

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