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The Worst 2 Miles…

Snowy Night

Now that winter is here, a new phase of running begins…

With cooler temperatures and more layers, the running feels a bit different.  While not overheating is nice (since I run really warm anyway), the chill hitting my lungs is not always so pleasant.

However, the biggest adjustment for me is the warm-up time.  During the spring, summer and fall, it usually takes about a mile for my muscles to loosen up and feel comfortable as I settle into my pace.  However, in the winter when it dips below freezing, it usually takes twice as long for me to warm up.  This makes for some more mental challenges on my runs trying to gauge how they are feeling.

For example, on Saturday, I headed out for 7 miles, but after 2 miles I still felt like I was dragging my body forward.  However, I pushed ahead knowing that marathon training kickoff is just around the corner.  By the time I hit mile 3, I was running comfortably and felt good for the last 5 miles.

This morning, I went out for a short 3-mile run, and I again gritted through the first two miles, but then only had a little over a mile of running that felt “good”.  While I was only trying to do a maintenance run, in my head I was wondering if it was even worth it.  I know it is in the end, but when more than 50% of the run is “warming up”, it’s hard to convince myself that it is when I’m getting ready to head out the door.

Alas, we’re just getting started with the season…

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