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Midweek Music Break: Spin Doctors – Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong

With the radio turned low, I swore I heard this song this morning (it wasn’t, but stayed in my head all day anyway…).

While their big hit was Two Princes, the Spin Doctors played the flip-side of the coin with “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong” (and, actually, “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong” was released first).   It fits strictly in the 90s alternative “we’re through, so get outta my life” motif, but has the same upbeat feel and style of Two Princes.  Granted, they weren’t showing a lot of range, but why fix what ain’t broke.

Unfortunately, the Spin Doctors failed to keep that momentum going and faded off the charts, but they still produced two solid hits in the fun early 90s.

Heck, I even hope their songs are what is playing (even when they are not!).

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