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6 Types of Snow Shovelers You’ll See This Winter

While I do enjoy winter, as a runner I’m not always a fan of how I see some people “maintain” their sidewalks.  Most of the time, it’s not that bad, and other times you bit the dust, as I did earlier this week.  Thankfully, the damage was limited to a torn glove (picture from post-run, since I was too annoyed to do anything but keep running):

Running Glove Rip


However, my runs keep me thinking about all the different variations I see on sidewalk care…

1) The “What? It Snowed?”

Bad Shoveling 1I mean, it couldn’t have been more than 5 or 6 days ago.  I’m awfully busy, and you seem to be making it through just fine!  Practically done it for me, in fact!

2) “It’s Not My Property”


See #1, but if you run into them and say something, they’ll give you a 15-minute diatribe about how it’s the government’s property and how they can’t be expected to do anything about it.  They’re wrong, of course…

3) The “One Lane Highway”


Pretty much the Safe Auto of shoveling.  Thanks for at least doing something, but hopefully there isn’t much foot traffic in the area, or crossing paths with anyone becomes pretty awkward.

4) “Salting is like shoveling, right?”


Put down enough salt, and all the snow melts, right?  Sure, until you’ve created a small lake with nowhere to drain, and then the temperatures stay below freezing.  Hooray for homemade ice rinks!

5) “A Little Off The Top”


Ok, so you got all the big stuff but can’t be bothered with the actual footing?  I mean, you’ve done most of the work already, but couldn’t take care of the final 10%.

6) “Properly Maintained”

s_mpls_sidewalkYou shoveled, and then you put down salt to reduce ice from melting.  Bravo!  You’ve done exactly what you’re supposed to do, but it still feels like you went above and beyond!

Have you seen any other examples of bad shoveling this winter?  Feel free to share them in the comments below!

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