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Midweek Music Break: Garbage – Cherry Lips

With the new Amplitude game coming closer and closer to fruition, I wanted to throw back to a song that appeared in the original 2003 game: 90’s icons Garbage with “Cherry Lips”.

While the song was a little out of the band’s typical melancholy and cynical mold, the song hit the Amplitude wheelhouse with a bang, while including it’s own twist (which matches the video above).

It’s probably one of the catchiest songs that Garbage has ever written (which is saying something when they have multiple platinum albums and numerous top 100 songs), yet it never really caught on in the US (though it did reach #7 in Austrailia), where “Breaking Up The Girl” was marked as the second release from Beautiful Garbage instead.  I’m sure there’s a former Interscope employee still kicking themselves for that decision.

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