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Mt. Lebanon Kicks Off “Urban Trail Running” Initiative

Mt. Lebanon, PA — After years of planning and several months of construction, Mt. Lebanon recently unveiled the first trail in their brand new “Urban Trail Running” initiative to help encourage a healthier city.  The 1-mile “Boulevard Trail”, adjacent to Castle Shannon Boulevard, is a combination of asphalt, crushed limestone and broken concrete.

“For too long, our local trail runners have had to leave the community to experience the sport they enjoy.  Now, the trail has come to them!” Councilwoman Cindy Stephenson boasted.  “And, since it’s here in town, we can maintain it to be open year-round.”

The New “Boulevard Trail”

“I love it!” claimed local trail runner, Franklin Tcazki.  “Instead of driving a half hour, I can just walk down the street to the trail!”  Franklin hopes to organize the trail’s first race, a 15k mini-ultra-marathon, for sometime this fall.

However, some local residents have been less impressed.  “I thought they were just doing construction,” said John Jackson, who lives along the trail, “but then they just stopped last month!  It looks like a terrible sidewalk, but if others enjoy it, I don’t mind driving over it.”

Despite the mixed reception, the community appears to be moving forward with a additional trail to be installed by Robb Hollow Road later this year, with additional trails still in the planning phases.

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