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Midweek Music Break: Fall Out Boy – Immortals

A fun pick this week, as I finally got around to purchasing a song that I had kept forgetting to for a while.  Not that I had any good reason, as the song is fun, and was tied to a great movie in Big Hero 6…oh, and my kids love it!

Honestly, I’m hit-and-miss with Fall Out Boy, but this song is solid.  It helps that it helps evoke enough nostalgia to smile about the movie, but it does it without directly talking about the movie, so the song stands on it’s own.  Like I said, above all, it’s fun and has my kids dancing around the room each time.

The weird thing here is the video…

  • Song that makes you want to sing out and throw up your hands, with a video where nothing happens…CHECK
  • Song from a move about high-tech nanobots being played on a jukebox from the 1960’s…CHECK

Not sure what they were thinking, but at least they didn’t waste much money on it since the most expensive part had to be getting the custom Baymax vinyl print. They should have stuck with the end movie credits instead.

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