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All Aboard the Struggle Bus

Welcome Aboard the Struggle BusYou may have noticed that I haven’t written much about running since completing the Pittsburgh Marathon four months ago in May.  Unfortunately, that’s not a coincidence.

Since May, I have struggled to find motivation to run, and had settled into some bad habits.  I didn’t have a training plan (I didn’t even have a next target race), I was struggling with the heat, and I settled into a slow pace, not challenging myself much.

Maybe it was just my marathon hangover…

I also fell way off my goal distance pace of 1000 miles for the year, going from 60 miles ahead of pace after the marathon to 80 miles behind it today. Basically, my running was making me feel bad, and I was also gaining weight again, which you think would motivate me more, but mostly frustrated me.

Add in to that some life changes (I started a new job a little over a month ago), and I’ve had less focus on my running and more on getting up to speed there.

So, it hasn’t been a pretty summer for my running, but I’m starting to make some changes…

First, I’m starting to hit up the gym and lift weights or swim once a week.  I’ve had so much focus on my running, I haven’t done enough to develop overall fitness, so I’m aiming to change that.

Second, I signed up for a race.  I’m now targeting the Hot Chocolate 15k in Columbus, OH in November as my next race and working on setting up a training plan.

Third, I’m trying to push my pace a bit more for my runs, trading some distance for speed, and walking when I’m out of breath.  Hopefully, it will help push me to run more effectively, and not just slog through the miles.

So, it’s been a rough stretch, and time to shake things up.

Any other suggestions on things to try to reinvigorate my running?

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