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Midweek Music Break: Slayer – Raining Blood

Ok, I’m definitely not a metal-head, but I always loved playing Slayer’s “Raining Blood” on Guitar Hero 3, so much so that it entered my regular rotation (along with a few other songs from GH3…what a playlist that game had!).

Granted, I never rocked it the way the video shows, but it always felt pretty bad-ass to even finish the song given it’s difficulty.  I think this is actually a case where the game makes you appreciate the song, as there are a lot of complex note patterns and some solid multi-guitar harmonies.  Even the “simple” patterns are done with such speed and precision that they can get lost if you aren’t listening to them.

So, while you won’t find me at the Headbanger’s Ball, I can still appreciate some of it’s specimens, even if I came across them playing video games!

And mark me among those counting down the days to Guitar Hero Live!

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